About the Journal

The Shodh Sagar Journal for Medical Research Advancement (SSJMRA) is a journal published by Shodh Sagar. SSJMRA serves as a significant platform for the dissemination of high-quality research findings in the field of medical research. It is renowned for its commitment to promoting advancements in medical sciences and providing a platform for researchers, scholars, and healthcare professionals to share their innovative work.
SSJMRA is known for its rigorous peer-review process, ensuring that only well-researched and scientifically sound articles are published. This commitment to quality has helped establish the journal as a trusted source for medical professionals and researchers worldwide. The journal covers a wide range of topics within the medical field, including clinical research, experimental studies, epidemiology, and healthcare management.
Shodh Sagar, as the publisher of SSJMRA, has gained recognition for its dedication to fostering academic excellence. Over the years, it has expanded its portfolio to include multiple research journals, making valuable contributions to various disciplines. The organization's commitment to ethical publishing practices and its role in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas are noteworthy aspects of its mission.

Journal particulars
Title: Shodh Sagar Journal for Medical Research Advancement (SSJMRA)
Frequency: Quarterly (4 issue per year)
Publisher: Shodh Sagar
Publisher Address: 230-231, E-21, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi, India
Publisher Email: info@shodhsagar.com
Editor: Dr. Diwan Sher Singla
Copyright: Remain journal
Starting Year: 2024
Main Subject: Medical Sciences
Aim and Scope: Medical Sciences and Research
Language: English
Publication Format: Online (Open Access)
Phone Number: +91-98120-52026
Email Id: diwan@irtjournal.com
Website: https://mra.shodhsagar.com
Address: 230-231, E-21, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi, India