Plagiarism Policy

SSJMRA upholds the highest academic and ethical standards in publishing and strictly prohibits any form of plagiarism. This policy extends to all types of plagiarism, including but not limited to verbatim copying, substantial copying, paraphrasing, and improper citation.

Plagiarism Threshold: Submissions should contain less than a specified percentage i.e. 15% of text from existing sources, whether verbatim or paraphrased. Exceeding this threshold will result in rejection.

AI Detection in Plagiarism Checks: SSJMRA employs advanced plagiarism detection software, which includes capabilities to identify text generated or assisted by AI tools. This technology aids in distinguishing between human-authored and AI-assisted content, ensuring the authenticity of the work submitted.

Author Responsibility: Authors are responsible for ensuring the originality of their work. All sources must be appropriately cited and acknowledged. Manuscripts found to contain plagiarized content, even in portions, will face immediate rejection.

Procedure for Handling Plagiarism: In cases where plagiarism is detected, the manuscript will be rejected, and the authors will be notified of the specific concerns.

Role of Reviewers and Editors: The journal's reviewers and editors are instrumental in enforcing the plagiarism policy. Reviewers are tasked with identifying and reporting potential plagiarism, while editors ensure that all articles comply with the policy before publication.

Educational and Supportive Approach: SSJMRA adopts an educational approach to plagiarism, aiming to assist authors in understanding and adhering to citation standards. In instances of minor or unintentional plagiarism, authors may be given an opportunity to revise and correct their submissions.

Appeal Process: Authors have the right to appeal against plagiarism allegations by providing evidence of originality or proper citation. The editorial board will review such appeals on a case-by-case basis.

Updates to Policy: This policy may be updated periodically to incorporate the latest best practices and technologies in plagiarism detection and prevention.

SSJMRA's commitment to combating plagiarism ensures the integrity of its publication process and the academic record, upholding the trust placed in the journal by its readers and contributors.