Peer Review Policy

The Shodh Sagar Journal for Medical Research Advancement (SSJMRA) is committed to upholding the highest standards of scholarship and integrity in its publishing process. To this end, SSJMRA employs a rigorous double-blind peer review system.

Submission and Initial Check: Upon submission, each manuscript undergoes a preliminary review by the editorial team to ensure it meets the journal's submission criteria, including relevance to the journal's scope, formatting, and adherence to ethical guidelines.

Double-Blind Review Process: Manuscripts passing the initial check are then subjected to a double-blind peer review, where both the reviewers and the authors remain anonymous to each other. This process is designed to eliminate bias and focus solely on the quality of the work.

Reviewer Selection: SSJMRA selects a minimum of two independent reviewers for each manuscript, who are experts in the relevant field. The reviewers are chosen based on their expertise, reputation, and previous experience in providing thorough, objective, and constructive feedback.

Review Criteria: Reviewers evaluate manuscripts on several criteria, including originality, methodological soundness, clarity of expression, ethical soundness, and contribution to the field of medical research. They provide detailed comments and recommendations for improvement.

Decision Making: Based on the reviewers' feedback, the editorial team makes a decision on the manuscript, which could be acceptance, minor or major revisions, or rejection. The authors are provided with the reviewers' comments and are expected to address these in their revised submission, if applicable.

Revision and Re-review: In cases where revisions are requested, authors are given clear guidelines and a timeline for resubmission. Revised manuscripts may be sent back to the original reviewers or to new reviewers for further assessment.

Final Decision and Feedback: Once the review process is complete, the editorial team communicates the final decision to the authors, along with any relevant feedback. The decision of the editorial board is final.

Confidentiality and Ethical Standards: Throughout the review process, SSJMRA maintains strict confidentiality. Reviewers are expected to handle manuscripts confidentially and ethically, avoiding any conflict of interest.

This detailed policy ensures that all submissions to SSJMRA are evaluated fairly, impartially, and thoroughly, contributing to the integrity and quality of the research published.